Deuce Shirts offers in-house embroidery excellence and expertise.  We use the newest and most advanced machines in the industry on everything from apparel, hats, and bags, to blankets, and more! Our stitch services include embroidery, monogramming, tackle twill, puff embroidery, sublimated stitch, appliqués, and much more. Don’t pay the middle man mark up to send out your job. At Deuce we do it all in our shop! 

At Deuce Shirts digitizing is FREE for quantities of 48 and up!  Because we work with so many great local schools and sports teams there is no set up or digitizing fee for most logos. We are pleased to have your business and won’t nickel and dime you to death like others will. You deserve to wear the best at a fair price. With our embroidery that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Frequently Asked Questions – Embroidery Dayton, Ohio

Here at Deuce Shirts, we are proud to offer our own in-house embroidery services. By using our services you can skip the middleman saving yourself time, effort, and money in the process of getting gear. Want to know more? Keep reading to find the answers to some commonly asked questions about embroidery.

What Is Embroidery?

Put simply, embroidery is the stitching of a design into fabric. An ancient art form, it has been used throughout history to embellish and decorate blankets, shoes, clothing, and more. Today while many people enjoy embroidery hobbies at home, much of it is done in commercial settings using specialized machines that quickly and easily stitch complex patterns into hats, polos, and other customizable gear.

What Items Can I Have Embroidered?

While technically almost anything can be embroidered, there are definitely better and worse choices. The classic items to have embroidered are business shirts, polos, outerwear, and hats. These items tend to have thick enough fabric to hold structure while keeping the design natural-looking. Even thicker items like fleece and hefty cotton gear can be good embroidery prospects!

What Items Can’t Be Embroidered? 

Thinner items such as t-shirts don’t make an ideal choice for embroidery because their thin material can ‘pucker’ and look strange when embroidered. It is possible, but usually not recommended to embroider thin or delicate items -screen printing is usually a better choice.

What Are The Benefits to Embroidery?

Embroidery has several benefits over screen printing. For one it simply looks classier. For business clothing or more professional items, it really ups the quality of a customized piece. It also tends to last longer than screen printing since it’s actually stitched into the item and not just on top of it. The colors will last a long time, and it’s easy to have a lot of different colors in a design.  Additionally, you can use embroidery on heavier materials like fleece or thick cotton, which can’t be printed on.

What Kind of File Do I Need To Have Embroidery Done?

Before you get something embroidered it needs to be digitized. This is essentially taking a logo design and translating it into a stitch pattern for the machines to read. It will dictate which colors are present, which way stitches run, and other important details that will help your design pop! If you already have a vector file of your logo, we can easily convert it and proceed with the process. In fact, if you order 48 or more items embroidered we will digitize the logo for free!

What Sizes Can I Get A Design Embroidered? 

While there are a lot of perks to embroidery, it does have some size limitations. Generally, very large and very small designs will be less ideal. Large designs take thousands of stitches and can become quite expensive. Smaller designs may not come across clearly- there is only so much detail that can be stitched on a small design.

Is Embroidery More Expensive Than Screen Printing?

It really depends. If you need lots of colors on a smaller design it might be! On the other hand, screen printing is usually cheaper for large orders or monotone prints where less setup is required. To get more information on pricing please reach out and we are happy to answer any questions!

What Designs Look Good Embroidered?

As long as your logo is well suited and sized to embroidery it almost always looks more impressive than screen printing. That being said if you have a design that relies on shading or gradients, is very complex, or you want it to be very small, embroidery may not be the best option available.

How Does the Embroidery Process Work?

First, you need to have a logo or design! That design’s vector file is then turned into a digitized version, which can tell the embroidery machine how and where to stitch. This is then given to the machine, the items are stretched and prepped, and then the embroidery machine takes over! Depending on your design and the number of colors and stitches, up to 15 different needles might get used on one design! And that is it. You now have beautiful custom embroidered items ready to go!

What Types of Embroidery Do You Offer?

There are a lot of different types of embroidery, but at Deuce Shirts, we offer all of them! Need classic embroidery or monogramming? No problem! Something with more depth like tackle twill, or puff embroidery? You bet. Need to add some different materials and textures with sublimated stitches or appliqués? We got you. Whatever your needs are we have a dedicated team ready to take it on and make sure that your organization’s gear stands out!

What Kinds Of Organizations Use Embroidery?

All sorts of different folks use embroidery to spice up gear uniforms and more! Whether it’s hats, or other items for your team’s fans,  or uniforms for school, we have a wide range of gear we can embroider in order to stand out from the crowd.

Do You Offer Other Application Techniques?

Yes! Deuce Shirts is proud to offer a full range of different application techniques on a huge variety of different gear! Whatever you need to promote and support your business, team, or organization we have the team and equipment to guide you all the way through the process, and we look forward to earning your repeat business!

Is There Somewhere I Can See Embroidered Gear?

Yes! As long as you are in Ohio that is. We have a showroom open for visiting at 5600 Bigger Road. Dayton OH, 45440, where you can see past gear we’ve made for a large number of organizations, as well as purchase ready-to-go items from several of the larger schools in the area.